Videos & Webinars

Our team is committed to producing informative, high quality content to support investors and their families in making sound financial choices. Access to our videos and webinars is free. Should you have any questions about the content or if we’ve sparked your interest to learn more how we can help you achieve your financial goals, feel free to contact us.

Protecting Your Portfolio from Volatile Markets: Learn about strategies used by our portfolio managers to reduce portfolio volatility and position you for consistent, long-term returns. The strategies we discuss can increase by as much 2.7% points annually with a less volatile portfolio you are more likely to stick with. Watch Now.

Straight Talk for Retirement Success: This two-part retirement workshop discussed how to bullet proof your financial plan with realistic solutions for the most common challenges facing those approaching or already in retirement. You can also access the self-assessment checklist used by workshop attendees to score your own financial health. Watch Now.

Tax Smart Investing for Professional & Business Owners Over 50: Learn to legally reduce corporate tax, save 50% more for retirement, cut tax on the sales of your business and reduce portfolio risk for capital set aside for passive investments inside or outside your business. Watch Now.

Straight Talk for Financial Independence Video Series: This FREE series of short videos focuses on identifying, understanding and solving the most pressing financial challenges of investors over 50. Watch Now.

3 Practical Solutions for Investors Over 50: If you’re worried about the next financial crisis but still need to retire securely, watch this webinar learn how to solve the three biggest challenges facing investors over age 50. Watch Now.