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Feature Webinar: The Great Reset, Viruses & Government Debt

As 2020 winds down we still have a virus causing panic, $400 billion of new debt deflating responsible Canadians and a Reset that is not an illusion despite how Mainstream Media discredits those who dare question its existence. All are dynamics requiring investors to be more nimble that ever.

During this 50-minute webinar, we deliver Straight Talk on the challenges and opportunities ahead in 2021 and beyond. Topics include:

  • Risk management tactics and principles to protect capital and seize opportunities
  • How to build forward-looking, balanced portfolios to achieve stable, long-term returns in a poor fixed income environment
  • Bullet proofing your retirement income with high yield portfolios in a changing world
  • A case study of how portfolio managers navigated a challenging 2020 and are positioning portfolios heading into 2021
  • And more…

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(recorded Dec. 16th, 2020) 

Private Credit: A Wise Alternative to Government Bonds: Wise investors are seeking high income with safety of principal. An intelligent solution to long-term government bonds and GIC’s is a well-diversified basket of Alternative Investments that can generate 7% – 8%+ YIELD with limited portfolio volatility. This is a detailed webinar on alternatives in Private Credit. Watch Now.

Overview of Alternative Investments: This is a short video on Alternative Investments and why they are essential assets to include in your portfolio. Watch Now.

Fight, Flight or Freeze – Decisive Investing to Survive & Thrive Through Crisis: Learn how IWM portfolio managers navigated market volatility during the COVID crisis to ensure clients stayed within their “Financial Pain Threshold” to avoid panic selling. Watch Now.

Stocks You Can Tolerate: Learn about strategies to design and manage the stocks in your portfolio that generate solid rates of return while minimizing portfolio volatility. Watch Now.

Protect & Prospect Through the Coming Global Chaos: Recorded on Sept. 28th, 2019 – we shared our market views including discussion about the government bond bubble; and what our portfolio managers are doing about it. Watch Now.

Protecting Your Portfolio from Volatile Markets: Learn about strategies used by our portfolio managers to reduce portfolio volatility and position you for consistent, long-term returns. The strategies we discuss can increase by as much 2.7% points annually with a less volatile portfolio you are more likely to stick with. Watch Now.

Straight Talk for Retirement Success: This two-part retirement workshop discussed how to bullet proof your financial plan with realistic solutions for the most common challenges facing those approaching or already in retirement. You can also access the self-assessment checklist used by workshop attendees to score your own financial health. Watch Now.

Tax Smart Investing for Professional & Business Owners Over 50: Learn to legally reduce corporate tax, save 50% more for retirement, cut tax on the sales of your business and reduce portfolio risk for capital set aside for passive investments inside or outside your business. Watch Now.

Straight Talk for Financial Independence Video Series: This FREE series of short videos focuses on identifying, understanding and solving the most pressing financial challenges of investors over 50. Watch Now.

3 Practical Solutions for Investors Over 50: If you’re worried about the next financial crisis but still need to retire securely, watch this webinar learn how to solve the three biggest challenges facing investors over age 50. Watch Now.

Investing Lump Sums: Learn about strategies to intelligently invest lumps sums of money such as when you sell a business or real estate, or receive an inheritance. Watch Now.