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Podcast Held – June 18th @ 11AM MST


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IWM Big Picture Podcast: Michael Campbell Unscripted

For 30+ years, Mike Campbell has been a prolific, independent and sensible voice on the economy, investing, finances, government policy. Mike’s aimed to inform and empower Canadians to protect and grow their capital. He's best known for his show, MoneyTalks.  On June 18th @ 11AM MST Andrew Ruhland will interview Mike Campbell to get an unscripted take on the markets, politics and our media landscape. Plus, listeners will get to know the man behind the mic on a more personal level. We’ll wrap up with a live Q&A.

Andrew H. Ruhland, CFP

Our Founder– 

Expert on the Money Talks Podcast

Meet our founder Andrew H. Ruhland, a well-respected industry veteran and regular guest on the Money Talks podcast. Andrew’s insights on investing, markets, the economy and personal finance, coupled with nearly three decades of experience, make him a trusted resource in the financial business.

The Integrated
Wealth Planning Process
The Integrated
Wealth Planning Process

Your wealth plan is about more than your portfolio; it’s about the Life Goals that flow from your Values, Beliefs and Priorities. Our process revolves around what is most important to you and your family. 

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Many investors are getting jittery from rising political tensions. Declining confidence in gov’t continues to drive capital to the private sector and safe haven assets. Will gold continue to shine? And what about “black gold”? Is AI really a game changer or just the “current thing”? How do the Trudeau/Singh inspired budget and our population surge effect everyday Canadians and our global competitiveness? Join us for our thoughts & ideas to all these questions.
2023 was not a banner year for predictions by the "financial consensus complex." GDP didn't halt in the US, unemployment rates didn't spike, the banking sector didn't melt down after SVB collapsed and interest rates weren't cut. In 2024, one can't ignore the geopolitical risks, evaporating social cohesion and potential disruption due to this year's US election and 80 other nations hitting the polls. Despite this backdrop, we remain cautiously optimistic. Register to learn how we see 2024 unfolding.
Global political alignment is rapidly accelerating. Join us for a thought-provoking webinar where we'll delve into the complexities of the changing world order including the rise of the BRICS, limitations of Central Banks, unmask ESG investing and other global dynamics and how it's affecting politics, economics and MOST IMPORTANTLY YOUR INVESTMENTS. We'll then provide attendees with strategies going forward to protect and grow purchasing power.
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