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Bend But Don’t Break – The False Choice of All In or All Out

Geopolitical realignment, stagflation, censorship & Central Bank Digital Currencies are concerning but distracting. History shows markets turn upward suddenly. If you've bailed from the markets you'll miss out. Learn about investment strategies in dividend stocks, commodities, real estate, infrastructure and precious metals to protect capital in the short term and take advantage of the recovery.

Andrew H. Ruhland, CFP

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Expert on the Money Talks Podcast

Meet our founder Andrew H. Ruhland, a well-respected industry veteran and regular guest on the Money Talks podcast. Andrew’s insights on investing, markets, the economy and personal finance, coupled with nearly three decades of experience, make him a trusted resource in the financial business.


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The Integrated
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Investor Survival Guide – Minimizing Declines & Optimizing Recovery

While stock and bond markets are under pressure, an equity market recovery will begin likely when things look the worst. You need to be properly positioned to take advantage when this recovery begins.

Stocks You Can Tolerate

Learn about strategies to design and manage the stocks in your portfolio that generate solid rates of return while minimizing portfolio volatility.

Overview of Alternative Investments

Learn what alternative investments are and how private credit and private real estate investments can complement stocks and bonds in portfolios.

Grace Under Pressure – Disciplined Portfolio Solutions Amidst Global Turmoil

Markets will continue to be volatile. It will be harder to grow investments – but here are some strategies used by our portfolio managers to navigate these difficult times.

Investing Lump Sums

Learn about strategies to intelligently invest lumps sums of money such as when you sell a business or real estate; or receive an inheritance.

Intelligently Profit From the Commodity Super Cycle & Rising Interest Rates

The themes of “Build Back Better”, money printing and Infrastructure are creating opportunities to invest in commodities. Learn how our portfolio managers are using a structured approach to take advantage of these themes.
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