Webinar: Protecting Your Portfolio From Volatile Markets

View our webinar to discover prudent investment strategies that can achieve steady returns while minimizing downside risk to avoid steep losses in your portfolio. Topics will include:

  • Effective portfolio allocation strategies
  • Selectivity around Canadian equities
  • Use of private and alternative investments to bolster returns
  • And more...

The Integrated Wealth Planning Process

Integrated Wealth Management offers more than just investment management solutions that deliver solid, consistent returns. Our entire philosophy and day-to-day professional service offerings are infused into a planning process ... which revolves around your Life Goals.



As seen on MoneyTalks.net

Being an Opportunist within the
Defined Benefit Pension Crisis

At the request of Money Talks, we've created a very thorough summary that tells you how
to deal with the pending Defined Benefit Pension Crisis.
Click here to request your copy of this important article.

Integrated Wealth Management is an independent boutique firm providing comprehensive
wealth planning and management. Our processes and professional services are centered on
guiding you to the achievement of your Life Goals™.

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