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Podcast Held – June 18th @ 11AM MST


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IWM Big Picture Podcast: Michael Campbell Unscripted

For 30+ years, Mike Campbell has been a prolific, independent and sensible voice on the economy, investing, finances, government policy. Mike’s aimed to inform and empower Canadians to protect and grow their capital. He's best known for his show, MoneyTalks.  On June 18th @ 11AM MST Andrew Ruhland will interview Mike Campbell to get an unscripted take on the markets, politics and our media landscape. Plus, listeners will get to know the man behind the mic on a more personal level. We’ll wrap up with a live Q&A.
At the 2023 MoneyTalks World Outlook Financial Conference we presented our firm's philosophies, forward thinking investment strategies used by our portfolio managers, taking advantage of commodities, dividend grower stocks, alternative investments and much more.
Learn about strategies to design and manage the stocks in your portfolio that generate solid rates of return while minimizing portfolio volatility.
Learn what alternative investments are and how private credit and private real estate investments can complement stocks and bonds in portfolios.
Learn about strategies to intelligently invest lumps sums of money such as when you sell a business or real estate; or receive an inheritance.
A two-part retirement workshop shares how to bullet proof your financial plan with realistic solutions for the most common challenges facing those approaching or already in retirement.
Learn to legally reduce corporate tax, save 50% more for retirement, cut tax on the sales of your business and reduce portfolio risk for capital set aside for passive investments inside or outside your business.
We discuss addressing a critical problem faced by investors and their families: How to generate investment returns sufficient to meet you Life Goals without risking damage to your portflio like we saw in the 2008/2009 Financial Crisis.
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