About Us

We believe that ideas matter per se, and that clients have a right to know the values and beliefs we hold sacred, and how our business practices deliver and protect these principles.

  • Integrated Wealth Management was founded in 1997 on the belief that Clients, their families and their money deserve a higher standard of respect, competence and integrity
  • We focus first and foremost on delivering effective, reliable and consistent wealth management services. This requires ongoing sifting through today’s “information overload” to discern the most important issues that effect our Clients’ financial health
  • We are 100% independent within the wealth management field, which allows us to be¬†completely committed to putting our Clients’ best interests first, without the practical limitations of Bay Street firms, e.g. commission quotas and proprietary investments designed to maximize profits for the firm’s shareholders
  • Our select stable of discretionary portfolio managers are also 100% independent and employee-owned…no bank ownership or investment banking relationships that create inherent conflicts of interest, etc.
  • We closely follow research provided by economist, Martin Armstrong, and attend his annual World Economic Conference. We share his analysis with our portfolio managers to inform investment decision making.
  • From a philosophical standpoint, we abhor corruption, elitism, & political correctness. Stylistically, we have little tolerance for unnecessary bureaucracy, “group think” and the shallow nature of mainstream media – including the often-conflicted analysis so common within financial journalism.
  • We believe in speaking honestly and directly about issues that matter to our Clients and society at large, even if that means speaking out against popular ideas or trends