About Us

A Fully Independent, Client-Centered Wealth Manager

“I left a large national investment firm in late 2008 because they ignored my warnings and failed to protect clients’ investments. I went independent to ensure this never happened again.”   –  Andrew Ruhland, Founder

Our Values, Beliefs & 


Financial freedom reduces dependence on government, charities and family. Thus our services support the sovereignty of the individual. 

We believe in family, community and the Western Canadian way of life: self-reliance, frugality, hard work, innovation and unalienable personal freedoms. 

We are reality driven, not blind followers of the popular narrative. We detest corruption, elitism & political correctness, unnecessary bureaucracy, “group think” and biased mainstream media.


Client Centered

Clients’ best interests come first and always. Portfolios and Wealth Plans are customized based on your Life Goals. Our fees are transparent, and aligned directly with Clients’ account values. We have no conflicts of interest.

Independent Macro Analysis

We follow independent institutional-quality economic, geo-political and market analysis from Armstrong Economics, Institutional Advisors and  Michael Campbell of MoneyTalks and his long-standing group of market experts.


Forward Thinking Portfolios

Our investment solutions are forward thinking, customized, structured AND dynamic, and with a decided bias towards capital preservation and prudent growth. We don’t speculate, and we have no conflicts of interest.

Calling It As We See It

One benefit of being totally independent is that we don’t have a distant head office dictating our worldview, or censoring our free speech. We prefer to deal directly with hard truths, being both forthright and respectful.



Wealth management involves integration of specialized skills, tools and services. In support of our Clients’ Life Goals, we actively collaborate with investment specialists, accountants, estate lawyers and insurance professionals.

Boutique Service

Our Clients are real people with goals, aspirations & life experiences. We take pride in delivering responsive, effective and personalized client service. We’ll serve a maximum of 250 Families, which means our service level is sustainable.

Client Centered Professional Relationships

Our client relationships are based on five principles.

little asian girl with helmet and full protection gears riding bike in city park with parents watching from behind

Understanding You

We invest the time to thoroughly understand what’s important to you – i.e., Your Values, Beliefs & Priorities.


Open Communication

We ensure our interactions are mutually candid, truthful, respectful and timely.


Equal Treatment

Equal treatment of client capital, regardless of account size.


Aligned Fees

Fees are based on total family portfolio value vs. transactional commissions. Thus when you prosper, we prosper; if you suffer we suffer with you.


Together For The Long Term

We are a stable, committed team here for the long run. To ensure personal and responsive service we will serve a maximum of 250 families.

Who We Love to
Work With

We develop and maintain long term professional relationships with our clients. In order to optimize your outcomes there needs to be a mutual fit.


Independent, forward-thinking, optimistic, personable, candid and realistic.


Comfortable accepting personal responsibility for their major life decisions.


Willing to receive insightful advice and take meaningful action in order to get the desired results. Our clients are willing to deal with challenges, not deny them.


Entrepreneurs who understand both risk and reward.


Diligent savers who want to steward their wealth intelligently.


Comfortable with open delegation of specialized expertise. We are not suited to serving those who insist on holding tight control of everything based on an inability or unwillingness to trust and fairly compensate competent professionals.

Our Team

Together Everyone Achieves More (T.E.A.M.) is the driving principle behind how we serve clients. 

Meet your core advisory team. 

We’ve partnered with best in class investment managers to oversee client portfolios. Collectively they manage almost $5 Billion in assets.

We also collaborate with other specialists who support estate planning, tax, insurance and business planning needs for our clients. 

Andrew H. Ruhland, CFP

President, Founder & Wealth Advisor

Sandor Kiss, B. Comm

Wealth Advisor

Soraya Rahemtulla

Business Manager

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