Podcast Held: June 18th, 2024 @ 11AM MST

IWM Big Picture Podcast: Michael Campbell Unscripted

For over 30 years, Mike Campbell has been a prolific, independent and sensible voice on the economy, investing, finances, government policy and current events; a popular and well-respected commentator on radio, television and in print media.

Mike’s aim has always been to inform and empower Canadians to protect and grow their capital. While his conferences and online resources play a big part, he’s best known for sharing financial wisdom and investment opportunities by featuring an array of independent guests on his show.  And he adds a lot of spice with Goofy Awards, shocking stat of the week and pointy opening monologues (some say rants…).

Integrated Wealth Management has been a proud content contributor to MoneyTalks since 2013. We’re excited to present Mike Campbell as a guest on our Big Picture Podcast.

Andrew Ruhland will interview Mike Campbell to get an unscripted take on the markets, politics and our media landscape. Plus, listeners will get to know the man behind the mic on a more personal level – how he got started in the financial world and media, his passion behind Special Olympics, what makes him tick and more. We’ll wrap up with a live Q&A.

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