The Great Reset, Viruses & Government Debt

As 2020 winds down we still have a virus causing panic, $400 billion of new debt deflating responsible Canadians and a Reset that is not an illusion despite how Mainstream Media discredits those who dare question its existence. All are dynamics requiring investors to be more nimble that ever.

During this 50-minute webinar, we deliver Straight Talk on the challenges and opportunities ahead in 2021 and beyond. Topics include:

  • Risk management tactics and principles to protect capital and seize opportunities
  • How to build forward-looking, balanced portfolios to achieve stable, long-term returns in a poor fixed income environment
  • Bullet proofing your retirement income with high yield portfolios in a changing world
  • A case study of how portfolio managers navigated a challenging 2020 and are positioning portfolios heading into 2021
  • And more…
(Recorded on December 16th, 2020.)
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