Protecting Your Portfolio from Volatile Markets

Learn  strategies used by our portfolio managers to reduce volatility and position you for consistent, long-term returns. Topics include:

  • Effective active portfolio management strategies, including Options
  • How to significantly increase portfolio income using carefully-selected private assets
  • Finding the ideal client portfolio for your Goals AND Risk Tolerance
  • Developing a realistic plan to avoid catastrophic losses in future financial crises

The Fourth Quarter of 2018 saw North American equity indices decline by 20%. Most balanced portfolios declined by more than 10%, exceeding the downside that most folks are willing to tolerate. The strategies we discuss can increase by as much 2.7% points annually with a less volatile portfolio you are more likely to stick with. As a result our Clients’ portfolios fell 5% to 6% during Q4 2018 and were positioned for a full recovery in Q1 2019.

(recorded May 15th, 2019)
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