A Wise Alternative to Government Bonds & GIC’s in Your Portfolio

As government bond yields and GIC rates approach 0%, a crisis for “safe” fixed income investment is already here and set to worsen. Wise investors are seeking high income with safety of principal. An intelligent solution to long-term government bonds and GIC’s is a well-diversified basket of Alternative Investments that can generate 7% – 8%+ YIELD while limiting portfolio volatility.

During this 50-minute webinar we’ll recap the current market environment and share:

• How Alternative Investments fit into your Current & Retirement Portfolio
• Why owning Alternative Investments reduces portfolio volatility and enhances returns
• An overview of the growing Private Credit market and how investors can benefit
• Examples of Private Credit firms and how they operate to consistently generate high returns while protecting client capital
• How professional portfolio managers improve results for clients in identifying and managing Alternative Investments

(webinar recorded Sept. 26, 2020)

(recorded September 26th, 2020)
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