Opportunity Within Volatility: Our 2023 Market Outlook

The last 3 years have exhausted the optimism of most investors, with many questioning their existing strategies.

The 60/40 playbooks, passive portfolios and using your “gut” are outdated thinking in a world with continued inflation, modest earnings growth, P:E multiple compression, rising interest rates, growing political polarization and further escalation in the Ukraine/Russia war.

Yes we are fully aware of the risk for equity, bond and commodity markets. Historical inflection points create generational opportunities. Awareness of this moment means our nimble portfolio managers are prepared to be opportunists (buyers) during the volatility we fully expect.

During this 60-minute webinar we covered a lot of ground including:

  • Our 2023 market outlook and key areas including currencies, precious metals and life-sustaining commodities
  • Positioning equity strategies to play strong defense AND be ready for a market rebound
  • Navigating inflation and rising interest rates, and Central Bank pivots
  • Opportunities in infrastructure, private lending and real estate
  • How a realistic long term financial plan can prevent you from making big mistakes

(recorded January 10, 2023) 
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