Market Outlook & Updating Your Portfolio Playbook For 2022

If there is any consensus on market forecasts for next year, it’s that 2022 will be volatile and investors will be faced with significant “noise” that will test decision making. Low but rising interest rates, inflation, looming food and energy shortages; and political elites and unelected bureaucrats meddling with economies pushing an increasingly skeptical public to the breaking point.

During this 50-minute webinar we covered a lot ground including:

  • A market outlook for 2022 and key areas to pay attention to
  • Positioning your equity strategies to benefit from inflation
  • Seeking gains carefully with outsized opportunities such as in commodities
  • Generating sufficient yield when bond and GIC returns aren’t keeping pace with inflation (i.e., negative real rates of return)
  • Active management strategies to reduce risk in volatile markets

(record on January 8th, 2022.)

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