Investor Survival Guide – Minimizing Declines & Optimizing Recovery

As we predicted markets continue to be challenging. Inflation is high. Central Banks continue to raise rates. Europe risks freezing in the dark. Food and energy supplies are fragile …. and the war in Ukraine still rages. Our Portfolio Managers have done an exceptional job of minimizing declines, and have significantly outperformed passive strategies despite the challenges.

While stock and bond markets are under pressure, an equity market recovery will begin likely when things look the worst. You need to be properly positioned to take advantage when this recovery begins. During this 50-minute webinar we’ll be covering a lot of ground including:

  • Reviewing our early 2022 warnings and how our Portfolio Managers are outperforming passive strategies
  • Our updated outlook for interest rates, inflation and market volatility
  • Why GIC’s and cash are a long-term trap
  • How to leverage today’s extreme mass psychology to your benefit
  • There’s always a bull market somewhere: our top picks for riding the inflation wave

(recorded September 24 2022)

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