Grace Under Pressure – Disciplined Portfolio Solutions Amidst Global Turmoil

In January we said 2022 will be volatile and investors will be faced with significant “noise” that will test decision making. Well, it’s happening. Interest rate hikes are underway, inflation hasn’t eased up, food and energy shortages are emerging and the risk of conflict extending beyond the Ukraine’s borders is real.

Managing intelligently through all this turmoil is paramount, with the clear advantage going to those with independent thinkers running their portfolio.

During this 50-minute webinar we’ll be covering a lot of ground including:

  • Why making money with traditional investments and approaches will be harder in the future
  • Finding opportunities amidst the market turmoil driven by Ukraine/Russia: and rising inflation and interest rates
  • Active management strategies to reduce risk in volatile markets
  • What the March 14th ECM date is telling us
  • Overcoming the confusion and fear driven by mainstream financial media and 2 years of COVID in order to make good investment decisions

(Recorded Apr 9, 2022)  

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