Bend But Don’t Break – The False Choice of All In or All Out

We’re witnessing geopolitical realignment in real time, stagflation is sticky with governments forcing ideologically driven policy … including censorship and Central Bank Digital Currencies.

History shows markets turn upward suddenly even in uncharted environments like today. Learn about decisive investment strategies to protect capital in the short term and take advantage of the recovery. Topics include: 

  • Avoiding the all or nothing mentality driven by investor fatigue with nuanced alternatives to being a GIC “refugee”
  • Investor inertia: Overcoming fears associated with US and Canadians banks, a stagnant economy, US dollar hegemony and CBDC’s
  • Lessons from 70’s stagflation and costs to investors who bailed out before the recovery
  • Following the “Smart Money”: investing in commodities, hard assets such as infrastructure, select real estate and precious metals
  • Boring and effective: the surprising power of dividend grower stocks

(recorded May 9, 2023)

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