The IWM Wealth Management Process

At Integrated Wealth Management, our entire philosophy and day-to-day professional service offerings revolve around the IWM Wealth Management Process…which revolves around your Life Goals™. It follows that our business is focused first and foremost on your highest-order best interests – expressed as your Life Goals™. We define your Life Goals™ as the specific objectives and goals that flow from your values, beliefs and priorities. Your Life Goals™ are the driving principles behind all decision-making included in your IWM Wealth Management Plan. The “IWM Wheel” model below clearly illustrates this combination of left-brained processes and right-brained concepts.

Why do we need a comprehensive plan?

A comprehensive plan quite literally results in Clients having clarity and confidence, increased certainty in their financial future within an acceptable band of outcomes, and that all-important peace of mind that flows from eliminating worry and stress.

It’s been said that if “If you don’t know where you’re going, then any road will do.” This distills the essence of the benefits of making the effort to build a comprehensive wealth management plan: without a real plan you’re left to drift. As it relates to having a complete financial plan, if you don’t have one you will continue to be uncertain about these (and many other) important factors:

  • how much you need to retire or help fund post-secondary education
  • how much you need to save regularly from today to meet various funding targets
  • how much risk you need to accept in order to achieve your funding targets
  • how to guarantee family income in the event of adverse health events
  • how to minimize the stress on survivors in respect of dealing with your estate

It becomes pretty obvious that it’s impossible to develop or implement an accurate, relevant and meaningful Investment Plan for managing your money unless you first have a complete Wealth Management Plan (a financial plan that includes a complete implementation and ongoing management component).

What is involved in Creating a Full Financial Plan?

At IWM, we believe passionately that “process provides protection” which may be part of the reason our services appeal to intelligent and successful folks. We follow the official financial planning process prescribed by the Canadian Financial Planning Standards Council.

We also realize that if the planning process is too complex or too burdensome, then people will shy away from doing the little bit of work required to compile the necessary inputs. With that in mind we’ve developed a streamlined, efficient and even enjoyable interactive method of creating thorough, accurate and meaningful Wealth Management Plans for Clients. In a nutshell, the IWM process – boils down to these 3 steps:

  • We help you to clarify your Life Goals™ and update them over time
  • We find the right people, tools and strategies to help you achieve your Life Goals ™, and
  • We keep you on track to achieving your Life Goals™ through a regular review, communication and update process

How do we get started?

If you’re curious to learn if we’re the right firm to help you achieve your Life Goals™, we invite you to contact us to initiate a personal conversation.