Being An Opportunist Within The Defined Benefit Pension Crisis

“The Defined Benefit Pension disaster is the next major financial crisis that will affect millions of contributors, retirees, and ultimately tax-payers.” This paraphrasing captures the essence of the stark warnings from market veterans including Martin Armstrong, Michael Campbell, Bob Hoye, et al. It’s simply arithmetic over time. So, will you listen to these early warnings […]

Object Lessons In Mass Psychology and Discipline

Humans are hard-wired for connection, and as such our very nature pre-disposes us to investment failure, because most people want to be part of the “In” crowd. That’s quite a mouthful, and an ominous one at that. Our current U.S. equity market environment provides object lessons in both mass psychology and discipline. As I write […]

Pointed Questions For A New Advisor

Selecting a new wealth management firm for your investment accounts can be stressful. Following are some very specific questions you should ask of any new advisor you are considering hiring. The advisor should be able to answer these questions without advance notice. You might want to copy and paste these questions into your own document […]

What I Learned At Martin Armstrong’s Orlando Conference

Last week I attended the Institutional and Technical Analysis sessions at Martin Armstrong’s World Economic Conference in balmy Orlando, along with the Chief Investment Officer of one of our discretionary Portfolio Managers from Toronto. This trip was the most recent step of my 22 year project of bringing Marty’s precision models into how our Clients’ […]

Dealing With Lump Sums

Are you sitting with a large cash position and wondering what to do? Are you feeling anxious over the market conditions and not sure about making the next move? You’re not alone, and this article can help. Whether the cash came from the sale of a business or real estate, a pension roll-out or stock […]

Shelter BEFORE The Storm

Money Talks listeners and readers have heard and read recent very clear expressions about pending equity market risks in the U.S. (from Martin Armstrong) and Canadian markets – especially in the Energy sector (from Josef Schacter). But what should you actually do? Should you seek shelter before the storm? In 2008, many investors were either […]

Solution To Low Interest Rates

Arithmetic is beautiful, elegant, and stunningly objective. Sometimes the truth of our own arithmetic is unpleasant…but if you can accurately identify the core problem to be solved, then you can get to work on actually solving it. So let’s start with some typical retirement Arithmetic. If you need $50,000 of pre-tax income from your portfolio, […]

Perfectionism Is An Absolute Killer

The great gold trader Jessie Livermore is credited with saying “The biggest profits are in your patience.” This wisdom rings true whether you are still invested in US equities which continue to rise seemingly incessantly, or you are waiting to play the downside in equity markets. And if you’ve already exited most or all of […]