Who We Love to Work With

We develop and maintain long term professional relationships with our clients. In order to optimize your outcomes there needs to be a mutual fit.

We love to work with people and organizations that are:

• Intelligent, forward-thinking, optimistic, personable, candid and even fun.

• Comfortable accepting personal responsibility for their major life decisions.

• Willing to receive insightful advice and take meaningful action in order to get the desired results. Our clients are willing to deal with challenges, not deny them.

• In a position for us to help: they have problems that we can help them solve in the areas where we work. Certain investment minimums apply, based on age and other factors.

• Entrepreneurs who understand both risk and reward or diligent savers who want to steward their wealth intelligently.

• Comfortable with open delegation of specialized expertise. We are not suited to serving those who insist on holding tight control of everything based on an inability or unwillingness to trust and fairly compensate competent professionals.

• Willing to introduce us to other people or organizations we may be able to help.