Randy Balkenstein

Calgary Asset Management

Randy Balkenstein CSC, HR Mgmt Cert
Wealth Management Advisor
Randy Balkenstein was raised in Calgary and recently graduated with a Human Resource Management Certificate from the University of Calgary. A 26 year veteran Investment Advisor with an idealistic streak, he resigned his licensing and professional designations after failing to find an independent investment dealer that both shared his belief in the future of algorithmic driven investment processes and also was supportive of his fair-dealing client philosophy. He responded by taking an early retirement in 2004 at age 51.

Later, as an adult learner at University of Calgary soothing his curiosity over the business practices and ethics encountered in his professional career, Randy’s perspective was broadened when he found a new audience for conversation on all kinds of financial planning and investment topics in the H.R. program. By sharing portfolio and industry knowledge for free, he was hopeful that new friends and classmates would be the beneficiaries.

Randy has always believed the highest standard for advisory services is individually-tailored Fiduciary Advice where the Client’s best interests are legally put first.¬†After a 12 year absence, his return began in earnest when he joined Integrated Wealth Management based on a shared philosophy of embracing disciplined investment processes that include computer-based algorithmic systems. Randy Balkenstein is a superb listener, he’s extremely mindful in his approach to providing financial advice. Although at heart he is a populist that would like to help all investors, he understands the need to limit himself in providing focused proactive planning that removes burden, reduces stress and minimizes worries only to the family’s that hire him.

Randy enjoys all performing arts and social activities with his partner Keri, while raising a large blended family and providing for his aged mother.