Protecting Your Portfolio From Volatile Markets

Webinar: Protecting Your Portfolio From Volatile Markets (May 15, 2019)

The Fourth Quarter of 2018 saw North American equity indices decline by 20%. Most balanced portfolios declined by more than 10%, exceeding the downside that most folks are willing to tolerate.

Some investors “bit the bullet” and hung on, and their portfolios have since recovered. Unfortunately, other investors exited the market near the bottom, turning temporary declines into permanent losses.

These two extremes are NOT the only options. There IS a better way: our Clients’ portfolios fell 5% to 6% during Q4 2018; our Clients did NOT flee the markets, and have enjoyed a full recovery in the Q1 2019.

We believe the next major market decline will be more severe than the financial crisis in 2008 & 2009. Will you be positioned to minimize your portfolio declines, stay on track to achieve your financial goals and avoid experiencing the financial fear all over again since the last major crash?

During this webinar we will share strategies used by our portfolio managers to reduce volatility and position you for consistent, long-term returns. Topics will include:

  • Effective active portfolio management strategies, including Options
  • How to significantly increase portfolio income using carefully-selected private assets
  • Finding the ideal client portfolio for your Goals AND Risk Tolerance
  • Developing a realistic plan to avoid catastrophic losses in future financial crises
  • And more.

The strategies we discuss can increase by as much 2.7% points annually with a less volatile portfolio you are more likely to stick with.