Andrew H. Ruhland CFP

Calgary Asset Management

Andrew H. Ruhland, CFP
President & Founder

In late 2008, Andrew embarked on the current leg of his professional vocation where he and his clients enjoy greater independence, effective investment RISK CONTROLS, lower administrative complexity resulting in lower costs to clients, and the ability to communicate candidly and frankly about the risks and opportunities in our daunting economic environment.

He chooses to be an active, clear and principled voice who works incessantly to optimize the results for the clients who trust his advice.

Since 1994, Andrew has instructed Retirement Planning workshops through various educational institutions, wrote and hosted the weekly radio program, “Your Money and Your Life”, been quoted in national publications on innovations in investment management, has appeared numerous times in national television features on wealth management, and published articles on Michael Campbell’s Money Talks blog.

Andrew is the eighth child of Dutch immigrant parents who survived World War II and were liberated by Canadian soldiers. His parents’ childhood experiences instilled a deep respect for the values of frugality, creativity, independence and personal responsibility in Andrew’s whole family.

Andrew holds an Associate Degree (Summa cum Laude) in Liberal Arts from St. Mary’s College in Kansas and the internationally recognized Certified Financial Planner designation (CFP).

Andrew enjoys an active lifestyle that includes fitness, golf, walking, caring for aging parents and time with his 6 children. Andrew’s personal interests include political philosophy, creative writing, and personal growth.