Fair Fees

Today, everyone is sensitive to the fees charged to manage their wealth, especially given the severe volatility of recent years. Our services are suited to those who are comfortable with paying competitive fees to competent professionals who deliver value. Price is only an issue if value is in question.

At Integrated Wealth Management, we are paid in direct proportion to the size of Clients’ portfolios. This creates a vested interest in selecting excellent portfolio managers to preserve and grow your accounts. We also invest our family’s accounts with the same managers we recommend to Clients. When you prosper, we prosper; if you suffer, we suffer with you.

Our Fees are:

• fully transparent
• scaled to the total value of family accounts (NOT based on the accounts being fully invested)
• highly competitive, and
• tax deductible for non-registered accounts – unlike mutual funds

We would be pleased to provide you with our Fee Schedule during a confidential, complimentary initial consultation.(CLICK HERE)