Client Bill of Rights

Delegation of Care is based on trust, whose highest order is faith. Engaging professional advice of any kind requires vulnerability, which creates a series of ethical obligations on behalf of those who provide advice.

At Integrated Wealth Management, we believe that Clients have certain Inalienable Rights:

1) Respect from all the professionals involved in serving clients.

2) Empathy and Understanding of what clients’ capital represents: the fruits of our labour, personal independence & financial security, our legacy, a tool to assist in the accomplishment of our sacred Life Goals.

3) Honesty and Integrity
• Do what you say you will do
• People who admit when they are wrong or don’t know
• People who speak the truth even if it hurts to say it or hear it

4) Objectivity

5) Transparency of:
• The risks and rewards of investments
• All costs associated with managing our money
• The real return achieved, after fees

6) Clarity of:
• Process
• Language
• Statements

7) Competence
The people entrusted with the management of our capital must be educated, trained, and experienced.

8) Flexibility within Structured Process
• Innovation
• Forward Thinking
• Openness to Ideas of Others

9) Prudence
• Proper diversification
• Automated risk management controls in place for every investment
• Human discretion that defaults on the side of caution

10) Accessibility
• Informed and Experienced Advice Providers
• Account Information
• Educational Resources