Straight Talk for Financial Independence

This FREE series of short videos focuses on identifying, understanding and solving the most pressing financial challenges of investors over 50.

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The Super RRSP for Private Corporation Shareholders

In this 25-35 minute webinar we will present a strategy that can save tens of thousands of income tax on passive income for corporations with the right profile.

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3 Practical Solutions for Investors Over Age 50

Worried about the next financial crisis but still need to retire securely? In this 45 minute webinar we'll identify and solve the 3 biggest challenges facing investors over age 50. No fluff, just straight talk

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The Integrated Wealth Planning Process

At Integrated Wealth Management, our entire philosophy and day-to-day professional service offerings revolve around the IWM Wealth Management Process...
which revolves around your Life Goals™.



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Being an Opportunist within the
Defined Benefit Pension Crisis

At the request of Money Talks, we've created a very thorough summary that tells you how
to deal with the pending Defined Benefit Pension Crisis.
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Integrated Wealth Management is an independent boutique firm providing comprehensive
wealth planning and management. Our processes and professional services are centered on
guiding you to the achievement of your Life Goals™.

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